Dominique Aegerter - From the second row on the grid into the 2022 title fight

Dynavolt Intact GP Team Swiss rider Dominique Aegerter will start this weekend's first two races at the Circuito de Jerez - Angel Nieto in fifth place after competing in qualifying 2 for the first time.

With not yet ideal conditions on early Friday morning due to a rain shower on Thursday, the 31-year-old focused on a general check of his Energica Ego Corsa in slightly damp track conditions and ended up in sixth position.

When the Andalusian sun heated up the track to over 40°C in the afternoon for FP2, it was again a matter of working out a suitable setup with his newly formed crew. With a time of 1'49.560, he was in P8 and with that 0.699s behind FP2 leader Eric Granado. However, with eighth place, the joyful Swiss secured his participation in Q2, which replaces the former E-Pole with the new Q1 -Q2 format this season. 

Less than four-tenths ultimately separated the experienced rider from Rohrbach, Switzerland, in Q2 from pole position for the two races on Saturday and Sunday. From position five on row two, Dominique Aegerter is in good company, as two of his fiercest rivals, Eric Granado and Matteo Ferrari, are to his left and right, all pursuing the same goal: to challenge pole setter Miquel Pons for the home victory.

Race 1 of 2 will start at 4:25 p.m. on Saturday and, as in the past three years, will contain eight laps.

Friday results

1. Miquel PONS / SPA - 1'52.659
2. Mattia CASADEI / ITA - 1'52.682 (+0.023)
3. Lukas TULOVIC / GER - 1'53.024 (+0.365)
6. Dominique AEGERTER / SWI - 1'53.613 (+0.954)
1. Eric GRANADO / BRA - 1'48.861
2. Hector GARZO / SPA - 1'48.972 (+0.111)
3. Matteo FERRARI / ITA - 1'49.073 (+0.212)
8. Dominique AEGERTER / SWI - 1'49.560 (+0.699)
1. Miquel PONS / SPA - 1'48.372
2. Hector GARZO / SPA - 1'48.435 (+0.063)
3. Mattia CASADEI / ITA - 1'48.609 (+0.237)
5. Dominique AEGERTER / SWI - 1'48.763 (+0.391)