Challenging and eventful Misano qualifying for Schrötter and Arbolino

In a crash-filled Q1 for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, two falls were to the credit of the LIQUI MOLY Intact GP riders. Marcel Schrötter still managed a place on row seven, while the fastest rider of the morning, Tony Arbolino, ended up in ninth row.

Hopes of dry conditions on Saturday at Misano for another chance to make it directly into Q2 qualifying were unfortunately not fulfilled for the LIQUI MOLY Intact GP squad.

In drizzling rain and a wet track, Tony Arbolino nevertheless put on a good show in front of his home fans by finishing the final Free Practice session in the top spot. Expectations for qualifying were accordingly high. When a dry racing line became apparent on the track in the afternoon, the hunt for times could begin on slick tyres. The 21-year-old confidently delivered red sectors until he was one of the first of many to slide into the gravel of turn 15.

Only a few seconds later, the footage of team-mate Marcel Schrötter, who had crashed in turn six, followed. The 28-year-old, however, was lucky in his misfortune. He got his Kalex bike running again and could continue to still improve to seventh place. In the final standings, this meant grid position 21 on row seven, which he will share with Cameron Beaubier and Fabio Di Giannantonio.

Tony Arbolino was finally placed P27 on row nine. So the LIQUI MOLY Intact GP duo have no choice but to enjoy the 25-lap race despite the unfavorable starting positions and try to leave as many riders behind them as possible.

1. Tony ARBOLINO / ITA / KALEX - 1'47.902
2. Marco BEZZECCHI / ITA / KALEX - 1'47.905 (+0.003)
3. Augusto FERNANDEZ / SPA / KALEX - 1'48.404 (+0.502)
20. Marcel SCHROTTER / GER / KALEX - 1'49.860 (+1.958)

1. Jorge NAVARRO / SPA / BOSCOSCURO - 1'37.198
2. Albert ARENAS / SPA / BOSCOSCURO - 1'37.543 (+0.345)
3. Hector GARZO / SPA / KALEX - 1'37.584 (+0.386)
4. Bo BENDSNEYDER / NED / KALEX - 1'37.878 (+0.680)
7. Marcel SCHROTTER / GER / KALEX - 1'38.366 (+1.168)
NC Tony ARBOLINO / ITA / KALEX - 1'43.852 (+6.654)

1. Sam LOWES / GBR / KALEX - 1'36.510
2. Jorge NAVARRO / SPA / BOSCOSCURO - 1'36.555 (+0.045)
3. Augusto FERNANDEZ / SPA / KALEX - 1'36.744 (+0.234)