Junior rider Agius starts the Barcelona GP from row 7, followed by Tulovic on row 8

LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP's Moto2 team saw Binder substitute, Senna Agius and Lukas Tulovic take the seventh and eighth rows of the grid for the Barcelona Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.

For Lukas Tulovic, the past two days of practice were extremely busy, as the German and his crew worked on many things to prepare the 23-year-old's Kalex for the 4.66 km Catalan circuit. Despite all the efforts, it was ultimately not enough to make it out of Q1, even though the gap to the Q2 transfer positions was only just under 0.3s. For the race, "Tulo" hopes to reach the points, despite existing uncertainties regarding his tyre choice, in order to pick up where he left off at the Austrian GP.

One position ahead of the LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP team's regular rider is their youngster from the Junior Team of the Moto2 European Championship: Senna Agius. The 18-year-old, meanwhile, is using his chance to fill in for the injured Darryn Binder to gain further valuable World Championship experience. The Australian is learning with every lap, yet is critical and has high expectations of himself. Considering the gap from his 21st starting position on row seven of just over a second to pole-sitter Jake Dixon, this is quite an achievement.

For the 21-lap race, which will kick off the eleventh Moto2 Grand Prix of the season on Sunday at 12:15 (CEST), the two protégés of the Memmingen-based racing team will be hoping for the favour of a good start and will quickly set off to a chase in pursuit, always keeping an eye on the points.


1.   Ai OGURA/ JAP/ KALEX – 1'44.804
2.   Pedro ACOSTA/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'44.806 (+0.002)
3.   Alonso LOPEZ/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'44.822 (+0.018)
21. Lukas TULOVIC/ GER/ KALEX – 1'45.900 (+1.096)
23. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'46.125 (+1.321)

1.   Manuel GONZALEZ/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'44.956
2.   Alonso LOPEZ/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'44.975
3.   Albert ARENAS/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'45.010
18. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'45.954 (+0.998)
22. Lukas TULOVIC/ GER/ KALEX – 1'46.355 (+1.399)

1.   Jake DIXON/ GBR/ KALEX – 1'43.983
2.   Aron CANET/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'44.373 (+0.390)
3.   Ai OGURA/ JAP/ KALEX – 1'44.494 (+0.511)
21. Lukas TULOVIC/ GER/ KALEX – 1'45.183 (+1.200)
26. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'45.313 (+1.330)

1. Somkiat CHANTRA/ THA/ KALEX – 1'44.797
2. Sergio GARCIA/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'44.873 (+0.076)
3. Filip SALAC/ CZE/ KALEX – 1'44.926 (+0.129)
7. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'45.104 (+0.307)
8. Lukas TULOVIC/ GER/ KALEX – 1'45.220 (+0.423)