Schrötter & Alcoba search for solutions in Aragon

The opening day of the Aragon Grand Prix proved to be difficult for the LIQUI MOLY Intact GP team after both Marcel Schrötter and local hero Jeremy Alcoba finished the opening day in 22nd and 27th positions respectively.

The 5.1-kilometer long circuit near Alcaniz is one of the most popular tracks on the racing calendar thanks to its unusual layout, but the start to the 15th stop of the season got off to a better start for Marcel Schrötter than the Misano Grand Prix ended, but he still failed to improve his pace. However, leaving no stone unturned, the German, along with his well-rehearsed crew, will be looking closely at the data from the first two sessions in the hope of improving for Saturday. After a 1'54.331 in FP2, the 29-year-old is 22nd in the combined standings.

Friday evening will be similarly busy for local hero Jeremy Alcoba, who is also looking for significant improvements after gruelling stints. 27th place in both sessions does not satisfy the young Spaniard, after all, he wants to give the home fans a reason to be happy on this special weekend for him. The 20-year-old is struggling especially in the corners, as he lacks feedback from the bike. Consequently, the rookie also stumbles on corner exits and loses more time to the top 10 he is aiming for with every lap. 

Can the crews of the LIQUI MOLY Intact GP team combine their knowledge and many years of experience to put the difficult phase behind them? 


1. Augusto FERNANDEZ/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'52.925
2. Aron CANET/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'53.057 (+0.132)
3. Alonso LOPEZ/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'53.246 (+0.321)
4. Pedro ACOSTA/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'53.281 (+0.356)
5. Fermín ALDEGUER/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'53.399 (+0.474)
15. Marcel SCHRÖTTER/ GER/ KALEX – 1'54.442 (+1.517)
27. Jeremy ALCOBA/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'55.173 (+2.248)

1. Aron CANET/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'52.852
2. Augusto FERNANDEZ/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'52.952 (+0.100)
3. Alonso LOPEZ/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'53.011 (+0.159)
4. Jake DIXON/ GBR/ KALEX – 1'53.128 (+0.276)
5. Tony ARBOLINO/ ITA/ KALEX – 1'53.154 (+0.302)
20. Marcel SCHRÖTTER/ GER/ KALEX – 1'54.331 (+1.479)
27. Jeremy ALCOBA/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'54.999 (+2.147)