Upward learning process for Garzo & Krummenacher in Spielberg

The Qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix saw DYNAVOLT INTACT GP MotoE riders Hector Garzo and Randy Krummenacher finish sixth on row two and tenth on row four, from where they will look to make their World Championship advance in Saturday's two races.

Behind the tranquil Red Bull Ring, located in the picturesque hills of Styria, lies a challenge that, with its 4.32 km, only appears harmless at first sight. The Spaniard Hector Garzo came to this realization on Friday morning after a few laps on the cool track. The 25-year-old managed to improve further in the course of the practice sessions and, with fifth place in the second practice, moved straight into Q2, where he secured sixth place on the grid for the penultimate round of the 2023 MotoE World Championship with a lot of prior set-up work.

Randy Krummenacher also experienced similar hassles. For the Swiss rider, it was the first time ever on the already busy Red Bull Ring in Spielberg this Friday, but with every lap, he got to know his Ducati V21L machine better. The 33-year-old also managed to improve his times from session to session, but "Krummi" still went through Q1 first, which he finished as second, before taking the fourth row of the grid in tenth position in the second qualifying session with a 1'39.970. With the knowledge and data gained from the first day, he and his DYNAVOLT INTACT GP MotoE crew are now set to prepare for the two races, which start at 12:15 and 16:10 (CEST) on Saturday. Always with the hope of getting a good start in the two 7-lap sprints and taking home the highest possible score.


1.   Matteo FERRARI/ ITA – 1'39.712
2.   Mattia CASADEI/ ITA – 1'39.835 (+0.123)
3.   Eric GRANADO/ BRA – 1'39.844 (+0.132)
10. Hector GARZO/ SPA – 1'40.327 (+0.615)
13. Randy KRUMMENACHER/ SWI – 1'40.707 (+0.995)

1.   Matteo FERRARI/ ITA – 1'38.573
2.   Mattia CASADEI/ ITA – 1'38.796 (+0.223)
3.   Eric GRANADO/ BRA – 1'39.126 (+0.553)
5.   Hector GARZO/ SPA – 1'39.255 (+0.682)
12. Randy KRUMMENACHER/ SWI – 1'39.957 (+1.384)

1. Jordi TORRES/ SPA – 1'41.520
2. Randy KRUMMENACHER/ SWI – 1'41.908 (+0.388)
3. Andrea MANTOVANI/ ITA – 1'42.085 (+0.565)

1.   Kevin ZANNONI/ ITA – 1'38.567
2.   Mattia CASADEI/ ITA – 1'38.590 (+0.023)
3.   Eric GRANADO/ BRA – 1'38.620 (+0.053)
6.   Hector GARZO/ SPA – 1'39.3607 (+0.793)
10. Randy KRUMMENACHER/ SWI – 1'39.970 (+1.403)