Ready for the heat battle of Malaysia

It's been three years since the Motorcycle World Championship stopped in Malaysia. Back in 2019, Marcel Schrötter finished ninth while LIQUI MOLY Intact GP teammate Jeremy Alcoba was not even a full-time rider in the World Championship, so both are excited to see what the penultimate Grand Prix of the year from 21st - 23rd of October 2022 has in store for them.

Although the overseas tour has so far been characterised by minor disappointments for Marcel Schrötter, the German Moto2 rider is already in an attacking mood again one week after the gruelling Australian Grand Prix and hopes that the 5.5 km Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, with its completely contrasting weather to Phillip Island, can provide a fresh boost again. The 29-year-old would like to carry over the progress he has made into Sunday's race so that he can be fully competitive in the all-important 18 laps of the weekend and thus go into the season finale in Valencia in a stronger position.

The fact that the four slow corners, followed by two long straights and ten medium-fast to fast corners, are favourable for overtaking manoeuvres and a lot of full throttle is something Jeremy Alcoba only knows from hearsay and the console game, because when the Motorcycle World Championship last visited the popular track 50 km south of the capital Kuala Lumpur, it was still a dream for the young Spaniard to be an active full-time racer. In recent weeks, however, the 20-year-old has proven himself and underlined that he has found his place in Moto2, as on tracks that were completely unknown to him, Alcoba hit top form and celebrated his third top 6 finish a week ago after battling with big names of the class for the top 4. The rookie now enters the heated battle in Malaysia with no less ambition.

For German fans, it's time to get up early for the last time this season if you don't want to miss the live action, as the Moto2 race starts at 07:20 (CET) on Sunday.

Schedule (CET)

03:00 - 03:40 Moto3 FP1
03:55 - 04:35 Moto2 FP1
04:50 - 05:35 MotoGP FP1

07:15 - 07:55 Moto3 FP2
08:10 - 08:50 Moto2 FP2
09:05 - 09:50 MotoGP FP2

03:00 - 03:40 Moto3 FP3
03:55 - 04:35 Moto2 FP3
04:50 - 05:35 MotoGP FP3

06:35 - 07:15 Moto3 Qualifying
07:30 - 08:10 Moto2 Qualifying
08:25 - 08:55 MotoGP FP4
09:05 - 09:45 MotoGP Qualifying

04:00 - 04:10 Moto3 Warm-Up
04:20 - 04:30 Moto2 Warm-Up
04:40 - 05:00 MotoGP Warm-Up

06:00 Moto3 Race (17 Laps)
07:20 Moto2 Race (18 Laps)
09:00 MotoGP Race (20 Laps)