With hard work to success in the triple finale

The trip to the 17th Grand Prix of the year will take the LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP team to Southeast Asia at the Chang International Circuit in Buriram from the 27th - 29th of October 2023. Ayumu Sasaki still has the Moto3 world title firmly in his sights, while class rookie Collin Veijer is chasing his first podium. Darryn Binder and Lukas Tulovic have turned their focus back forward after Australia and hope to be within the reach of points.

It is the third energy-sapping race weekend in a row for the Motorcycle World Championship. From the tropical heat of Indonesia, they went to wet and cool Australia. Now the four riders of the German racing team are expecting warm and humid conditions again in Thailand.
For the Japanese, Ayumu Sasaki, who will start into the Grand Prix at the gates of Buriram is currently second in the World Championship with only four points behind, neither heat nor rain and cold seem to play a role. Week after week, the 23-year-old proves to be extremely competitive. He is still yet to win his first race of the season, but Sasaki has his eye on the big picture and is approaching his title mission with much deliberation. One who is also causing a stir every week is rookie Collin Veijer. The Dutchman manages to familiarise himself with new tracks within a few laps and not only does a good job with his setup but also regularly sets top times on his own. The personal expectations and ambitions of this fast Moto3 duo are also high for the Thailand Grand Prix, which will be held on Sunday at 06:00 (CET).

The Moto2 riders of the LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP team, on the other side, are looking to fight their way back. Darryn Binder crashed at the Australian GP, which had to be red-flagged due to unbearable weather conditions. Fortunately, the South African escaped without any major damage, which is why he is ready to attack again in good spirits just one week later at the 4.55km Chang International Circuit. The 25-year-old's feeling for the Kalex has become increasingly stronger since his comeback in India, as has Lukas Tulovic. The German, meanwhile, is hoping for better conditions in Thailand and is eager to make further essential steps forward in order to be best prepared for the last four races of the season. 

Schedule (CEST)

Friday, 27th of October
04:00 – 04:35 Moto3 Practice 1
04:50 – 05:30 Moto2 Practice 1
05:45 – 06:30 MotoGP Practice 1

08:15 – 08:50 Moto3 Practice 2
09:05 – 09:45 Moto2 Practice 2
10:00 – 11:00 MotoGP Practice

Saturday, 28th of October
03:40 – 04:10 Moto3 Practice 3
04:25 – 04:55 Moto2 Practice 3
05:10 – 05:40 MotoGP Free Practice 2
05:50 – 06:05 MotoGP Qualifying 1
06:15 – 06:30 MotoGP Qualifying 2

07:50 – 08:05 Moto3 Qualifying 1
08:15 – 08:30 Moto3 Qualifying 2
08:45 – 09:00 Moto2 Qualifying 1
09:10 – 09:25 Moto2 Qualifying 2

10:00 MotoGP-Sprint (13 Laps)

Sunday, 29th of October
04:40 – 04:50 MotoGP Warm-Up

06:00 Moto3-Race (19 Laps)
07:15 Moto2-Race (22 Laps)
09:00 MotoGP-Race (26 Laps)