Agius & Binder ready for the battle in Barcelona

Common cause in the LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP Moto2 team after both Senna Agius and Darryn Binder made it out of Q1 on this qualifying Saturday, securing 12th and 18th on the grid for the sixth race Sunday of the season, where tyre management will be crucial.

When the lights go out on the 4.66-kilometre Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya at 12:15 (CEST) on Sunday, Senna Agius will be doing everything he can to top his best result from France so far after a strong qualifying day. As the fastest rider in Q1, the 18-year-old Moto2 rookie paved his way into Q2, where he will already be in the thick of the points battle thanks to his 12th starting position on row 4. The Australian is confident that he can achieve a personal top result with a consistent race pace, but good tyre management will also be omnipresent for him tomorrow over the race distance.

Darryn Binder in particular struggled during the first two days of the Barcelona Grand Prix. Despite an improvement of 1.2s from Friday to Saturday, the 26-year-old was unable to get any closer to the front, as his rivals were not sleeping either. In Q1, the South African latched on to his speedy team-mate, who set the pace and the two of them entered Q2 together. In the second attack on the front grid positions, Binder was unable to reduce the gap and so ended the day in 18th place on the grid on row six. There is no doubt that the 21-lap race will be gruelling and particularly demanding on the tyres, but it will also demand maximum precision from the riders.


1.   Manuel GONZALEZ/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'42.860
2.   Alonso LOPEZ/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'43.042 (+0.182)
3.   Jake DIXON/ GBR/ KALEX – 1'43.044 (+0.184)
14. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'43.664 (+0.804)
26. Darryn BINDER/ RSA/ KALEX – 1'44.563 (+1.703)

1.   Jorge NAVARRO/ SPA/ FORWARD – 1'42.807
2.   Joe ROBERTS/ USA/ KALEX – 1'43.015 (+0.208)
3.   Daniel MUÑOZ/ SPA/ KALEX 1'43.044 (+0.237)
13. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'43.506 (+0.699)
30. Darryn BINDER/ RSA/ KALEX – 1'44.720 (+1.913)

1.   Sergio GARCIA/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'41.917
2.   Joe ROBERTS/ USA/ KALEX – 1'41.957 (+0.040)
3.   Jake DIXON/ GBR/ KALEX – 1'41.993 (+0.076)
16. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'42.866 (+0.949)
28. Darryn BINDER/ RSA/ KALEX – 1'43.496 (+1.579)

1. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'42.608
2. Aron CANET/ SPA/ KALEX – 1'42.882 (+0.274)
3. Celestino VIETTI/ ITA/ KALEX – 1'42.903 (+0.295)
4. Darryn BINDER/ RSA/ KALEX – 1'43.060 (+0.452)

1.   Sergio GARCIA/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'41.894
2.   Fermin ALDEGUER/ SPA/ BOSCOSCURO – 1'42.134 (+0.240)
3.   Celestino VIETTI/ ITA/ KALEX – 1'42.182 (+0.288)
12. Senna AGIUS/ AUS/ KALEX – 1'42.623 (+0.729)
18. Darryn BINDER/ RSA/ KALEX – 1'43.348 (+1.454)